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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How to stop period pain immediately ?

Periods are a normal process for women. Period prepares women for pregnancy every month. But during the period there may be various problems including stomach ache, backache, burning hands, nausea and headache. So we discuss about,  how to stop period pain immediately ? 

How to stop period pain immediately ? 

How to stop period pain immediately
How to stop period pain immediately ? 

Most women have pain during periods. The pain is much less and can go to unbearable levels. You can reduce period pain through some home remedies.

It is important to eat vitamins and minerals during the period. Put vitamin-rich foods on your daily food list.

What is a period?

The menstrual cycle is the change in the uterine cycle of girls who are affected by hormones every month and the blood and uterine secretions come out of the vagina. Abdominal pain, back pain, and nausea may occur during menstruation. And those who do not have this menstrual cycle every month or two months and sometimes 4 consecutive months, then it is called irregular period. Irregular periods can cause various problems in women.

Let's not know what to do to reduce the pain during the period.

Bake in hot water

 Hot water bath is very useful in period pain. You can also take a bath with hot water and hot water in a hot bag. It will also reduce your stomach pain and give relief.


Ginger juice is very useful to reduce stomach pain. Drinking ginger tea at this time is very good. You can also drink it three or four times by adding honey, sugar and hot water with ginger.


Eating papaya is very effective in preventing period pain. Eat raw papaya regularly during the period. Raw papaya reduces period pain.

 Lavender Oil

Massage a few drops of lavender oil on the abdomen during period pain. In 10-15 minutes it will reduce your pain a lot.

Avoid coffee

Avoid caffeinated beverages at this time. Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates the blood vessels. And it increases the feeling of discomfort in the stomach.

Aloe vera juice

Make a juice by mixing honey with aloe vera juice. Drink it during period pain. Drink it several times a day. This drink will reduce the pain a lot.
Water and beverages are national food

Eat plenty of water and aquatic foods during periods. Because at this time dehydration occurs in the body.

How to stop period pain at home immediately?

How to stop period pain immediately

Mild abdominal pain may occur during menstruation. But sometimes there can be a lot more pain. Daily activities cannot be done due to pain, going to school-college has to be stopped. Usually 18-24 year old girls suffer more from this problem.

Such pain can be caused by hormonal problems, stress, unemployment, chocolate cysts in the ovaries or pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine tumors and congenital uterine problems.

The pain is often so great that the patient looks very upset. Some people with pain may have headaches, backaches, or vomiting. How to stop period pain.....

1. Boil hot water in the stomach.
2. Vitamin E, B1, B6, C national food. Such as: peanuts, poppy nuts, mango, banana,     a  apple, fish, eggs, wheat, green vegetables - these foods will reduce pain by reducing muscle contraction.

3. Dipping the waist in hot water and sitting for 20-24 minutes will benefit.
4. Body massage.
5. If you have more pain, you may need painkillers, hormonal drugs, and often surgery on your uterus or ovaries.

It is more common in school-going girls. So mother-sister or family members can give an idea about this in advance. School books talk about menstruation. So if the teachers openly discuss in the classroom, fear and inertia will decrease. Exercise, nutritious food, stress-free and ministerial hygiene can all reduce this problem.

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